Why should I Subscribe to a Streaming Service?

Why should I subscribe to a streaming service?

What’s great about this, other than watching new episodes of your favorite shows in a matter of minutes, is that it’s easy to cancel. No need to be told to wait 60 days before a charge. [What is CordCutting? How to cut the cord — or the cable — and still watch TV [ What about free trials? If you’ve ever had a bad experience with a streaming service, you’ve probably read or heard a lot about how a trial is bad because you could sign up for the wrong one. But remember that a streaming service like Netflix is not like HBO, Showtime or Starz. That’s why there’s a huge difference between an internet provider and the multiple streaming services. They are not in competition with each other to get you to sign up for a service. What are the benefits of Netflix and other OTT services?

What is an OTT stream?

OTT stands for “Over The Top” and can be found on streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, which are also known as “OTT” streaming platforms. Before a cable TV provider gives you access to their OTT apps, you’ll typically need a separate cable box, like a Roku or Apple TV. You’ll need to have an internet connection. However, streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video do allow you to bypass the need for a separate OTT box, but you’ll need a cable login (or an account if you’re a non-cable subscriber) to access the content. You don’t have to pay an annual subscription fee like you do for cable TV, either, but you’ll be charged at the end of each month if you decide not to continue. Which services offer OTT streaming?

Is it worth the cost?

Do you want to pay just $9.99 a month for hundreds of movies and TV shows? Why wouldn’t you, right? Well, you may want to invest in something a little more expensive, like the service I use that has the next best thing. But you don’t have to drop $10 to $15 per month to get yourself hooked up. If you’re an old school like me, you’ll be hooked on a $9.99-a-month service if you ask for it and it doesn’t sound like you’ll get an option for your streaming device of choice. Basically, what I want you to remember is that the choice is yours. You don’t need to choose something you won’t like, like the idea of watching a service without commercials, or cancel a subscription just because you found a better deal somewhere else. Just like with cable, it’s all about your personal preferences.

Why should I Subscribe to a Streaming Service?

How to cancel a service

If you cancel your OTT service, you must do so within 30 days. Some streaming services offer a grace period, such as Netflix, which allows you to cancel after your third month of service. Amazon Prime doesn’t allow you to cancel for as long. You can only cancel OTT services through a web browser, and services vary depending on whether you want to terminate the subscription from within the streaming app or your website. Netflix offers this option only through its web interface. What Do I Need To Know About Snack Time? Netflix describes snack time in this way: “Have you gone to bed, but not yet asleep? The party is still raging? You’re scrolling through Reddit mindlessly, but it’s keeping you awake?


There are some definite advantages to streaming online television, but this is a big decision to make. When it comes to making a choice to subscribe to one of the biggest streaming services around, Amazon Prime Video or Netflix, I’d say Amazon Prime Video offers the most bang for your buck. But this all depends on what your needs are and how you choose to watch your favorite TV shows and movies.

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