There was the Masters on Thursday, and Then There was the Tiger Woods Show

Few fans — or players — could resist the opening round Tigermania. And as Stephanie Apstein writes, who could blame them?

AUGUSTA, Ga. — Joey Gray had a problem. He had set up his green Masters

branded camp chair on the left side of the 18th tee to watch Cameron Smith,

whom he believed would be the champion of the 2022 tournament

But about to hole out on No. 17 was the champion of the 2019 tournament … and the 2005 tournament … and the 2002 tournament … and the 2001 tournament … and the 1995 tournament.

He and his friends had just discussed Smith’s one-shot victory at the Players

Championship last month and the charge he was making up the course here on Thursday.

They had agreed that his “Kentucky waterfall” of a mullet would look lovely descending down the back of a green jacket.