Real Madrid Ousts Chelsea by Turning a Collapse Into a Classic

A curving assist by Luka Modric and an extra-time header by Karim Benzema carried Real Madrid back to the Champions League semifinals.

MADRID — The noise rose and swelled with every second that ticked, changing timbre and tone as it did so.

It started with whistles, desperate and urgent, only to turn into something closer to a roar, formless and elemental

filled with angst and anticipation, as if the sound itself could ward off any more suffering.

By the time the final whistle blew, it was so loud that it seemed to be bubbling up from the ground or rumbling down from the sky.

Somehow, though, that proved to be the prelude: The release was still to come, as Real Madrid’s and Chelsea’s players collapsed to the turf,

the victors on the day defeated and the beaten triumphant over two legs, and the Bernabeu crackled and shook.

This is not the first time a Champions League game has ended like this, of course: