RaDonda Viaught is sentenced to three years probation for a diverted sentence

This case has brought to light the need for nurses to be held responsible for medical errors.

Charlene Murphey, who was infected with the wrong drug, died on December 27, 2017 at Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

Murphey was supposed receive Versed, a sedative. Instead, she was administered vecuronium which made her incapable of breathing.

Nurses from all over the country are joining forces to support her and urge her to not be sentenced.

Celebrate the Vaught sentence

Vaught's supporters welcomed Friday afternoon a sentence that marked the end of a case that attracted national attention.

It was like riding a rollercoaster. "But that was the best outcome we could have hoped today," Knoxville nurse Tina Vinsant stated in an interview.

Vinsant organized the rally at the courthouse on Friday to support Vaught.

It attracted hundreds of people, many of them from other states and who were health care professionals.

After the sentencing hearing was over, Vaught's lawyer spoke briefly at a news conference.