The election in the Philippines that could return Marcos to power has come to a close.

Voting closed on Monday in a crucial election in the Philippines that could see the son of a late dictator elected to the country's highest office.

Nearly 65.7 million registered voters nationwide voted to replace populist leader Rodrigo Duterte, who steps down after six years.

For the presidency, former Senator Ferdinand Marcos Jr. is facing off against Lenny Robredo.

Currently vice president - and eight other candidates, including former boxing champions Manny Pacquiao and Manila Mayor, and former actor Isco Moreno.

In addition to the presidency, voters will decide on the vice presidency, as well as 18,000 other seats such as senators and local representatives.

Before voting began on Monday, opinion polls had Marcos Jr., known as Bongbong in the Philippines, as a clear frontrunner ahead of nearest rival Robredo.

Rising cost of living and tackling corruption are among the issues on which the candidates have campaigned.

Nicolas Saban, who voted in Manila, said the election was an opportunity for "peace".

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