Verstappen wins, drivers call for track changes: Three takeaways from Miami

The roar of the crowd echoed throughout the Miami Gardens, swaying the nearly 5.41 km (about 3.36-mile) track called the Miami International Autodrome to the sound of Formula One cars zipping.

Max Verstappen seemed able to reverse his fortunes from practice, quickly shoveling his groove from mid-race to an easy seven-second lead over Charles Leclerc

Meanwhile, the Ferrari star appeared to be struggling despite consistently running for the top two spots throughout the afternoon

At one point the "car is so hard to drive," before standing in for a hard tire.

It rained the night before, possibly loosening the grip as it washed away some of the rubber on the new circuit

Weather, including heat, aside, many drivers complained about the track, and Mercedes had a rough rough weekend.

Which leaves everyone wondering if they've found a possible fix for porpoizing.

Meanwhile, Carlos Sainz, Sergio Pérez and Jorge Russell rounded out the remainder of the top five, and in true American fashion, Verstappen, Leclerc and Sainz walked the podium wearing football helmets.

The Dutchman has won 100% of the races he has finished and has narrowed Leclerc's lead in the driver standings to just 19 points.

With more than 20 laps to go, the AlphaTauri star had contact with Fernando Alonso and was going slow.

Unaware of Norris's fast past, Gasly's front left tire cut the McLaren driver's rear right, sending Norris spinning.

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