Jared Leto is Marvel’s bat-man in the vampiric ‘Morbius’

Marvel Cinematic Universe’s latest superhero is not, in the conventional sense, either “super” or a “hero,”

but he does have an unorthodox ailment and a weird skill-set to separate him from mere mortals.

His name is Morbius, and while watching his origin story, you may get the feeling that somewhere in the cinematic multiverse, wires got crossed.

The film begins with a helicopter, transporting a cage to the sort of mist-shrouded isle you half expect King Kong to be inhabiting. But Dr

Michael Morbius (Jared Leto) is looking to capture a smaller game as he approaches the mouth of a cave,

hobbling with difficulty on two crutch-like canes.

Positioning himself behind the wires of the cage,

he slices open the palm of his hand and, as a roar of batwings echoes from inside the cave,