Enjoy the ‘Dream’-y new teaser for ‘Doctor Strange 2’

The Morbius meme — you know, the one where film writers talk about it making billions of dollars and being the greatest movie of all time — is a bit played out at the moment,

but we’re hoping Jared Leto has one final performance as the blood-sucking man-bat hybrid left in him

because what’s a Multiverse of Madness without Sony’s new Marvel legend?

We’ve been analyzing every frame of this new trailer for Doctor Strange 2 like it’s a dossier about the JFK assassination

and yet we’re not seeing any evidence that everyone’s favorite vampire is represented here

How on Earth can Marvel drop a trailer for a film like this without even thinking of all the newly-hungry Morbius fans out there in the world?

They’re starving! We’re starving! The world needs Michael Morbius!

Anyway, this is apparently a post about Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, so, yeah.