Ukraine seizes dozens of Russian tanks abandoned by the army



Kyiv: UkraineAccording to people familiar with the matter, the military has seized dozens of tanks left by fleeing Russian troops in the east, adding vital weapons to its arsenal in a nearly seven-month war where both sides have lost manpower and machinery.
One of the men put the number of captured tanks at around 200, without specifying how many of them were operational or capable of repair. At least some were destroyed. Another person said the cache included later design models such as the T-80 tank.
The haul – a third person described this as a significant consequence – is likely to ease some of the pressure on Ukraine’s military as they head into a potentially tough winter, when the terrain becomes marshy and navigates without tanks. It becomes difficult to do. At the same time, the government in Kyiv is set to continue its call for more weapons from the US and its European allies, and the Russian tanks will need to be supplemented with Western-made equipment.
Ukraine says its forces have captured at least 6,000 square kilometers (2,316 sq mi) of territory in the retaliatory strike, mostly in the north-east of the country. The pace of the advance has seen Russian forces retreat into areas that have been controlled by Moscow and its proxies since 2014, even as they continue to occupy large parts of southern Ukraine where Kyiv’s proxies remain. Progress has been more limited.
The struggle of Moscow troops on the ground has seen the president Vladimir Putin Intensify your efforts to gain some momentum. On Wednesday he announced a “partial mobilization”, drafting more than 300,000 reservists to bolster his regular troops. He also renewed his warnings about the possible use of nuclear weapons as he seeks to absorb Ukrainian territory. Russia Control over annexation through a series of mock “referendums” starting Friday.
Ukraine had so far received mostly Soviet-era tanks from a small number of allies, including Poland, and was seeking a more modern arsenal. Countries including the US and Germany have so far denied those requests. Under a swap deal announced this week, Slovenia will send 28 M-55S tanks to Ukraine and receive 40 military transport vehicles from Germany in return.
One person said, the US will help Ukraine to use the seized assets. Another person familiar with the matter said the US supported other countries by providing Soviet-made tanks as well as parts for repair and maintenance. A White House spokesman declined to comment.
Military analysts have suggested that Kyiv has carried some of Russia’s most advanced vehicles, including the T-90. Open source investigators Oryx have calculated that more than 380 Russian tanks have fallen into Ukrainian hands since the war began.
Adviser to the Chief of Staff to the President of Ukraine, Mykhailo Podolik, declined to comment on the number of operational tanks captured. While the Kharkiv invasion brought a number of “trophies”, he said, “every case is unique: each must be examined, assessed in terms of situation and individually combative.”
But Podolik was adamant that it would not affect Ukraine’s need for more tanks from its allies. To end the war swiftly, “we need absolutely modern weapons, including tanks made in the US and Germany,” Podolik said. “Soviet tanks built between the 50s and 80s would not be competitive with Abrams and Leopard.”
President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky Addressing the United Nations General Assembly via video conference on Wednesday, he called for more weapons.
“We cannot agree to a delayed war. Because it will be hotter than the war now,” he said. “For us, this is a war for life. That’s why we need defense support – weapons, military equipment and shells. Offensive weapons, a long-range one enough to liberate our land, and defensive systems, most Up, air defense.”
According to Igor Levchenko, head of strategic modeling at Kyiv-based think tank New Geopolitics, Ukraine only captured 100 Russian tanks that were not destroyed during the Kharkiv invasion. Some of them will be ready for battle immediately, as the main reason they flee rather than leave the tanks is that they do not launch, although most will be easily fixed, he said.
“100 main battle tanks is a large number, enough for a full tank brigade,” Levchenko said.
Still, that’s not enough to impress Ukraine’s urgent need for more tanks from other countries, most of which would need to come from the US, which has hundreds of Abrams main battle tanks in storage, according to Levchenko.
That’s because with about 1 million personnel now armed with weapons, Ukraine’s biggest problem is how to find enough tanks, armored personnel carriers and other vehicles to form them into units that can be sent into combat. “We need hundreds more tanks and thousands of APCs now,” Levchenko said. Both Ukraine and Russia have already scoured the world for available Soviet-designed versions.
The development is likely to be another hit to Russia’s supply, which has seen it dig deeper into old stock, as its logistics become increasingly targeted and strained.


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