Tracking Technology Based On Electromagnetic Fields

Tracking Technology Based On Electromagnetic Fields

Tracking Technology: How to Protect Yourself From Electromagnetic Fields

(Tracking Technology Based On Electromagnetic Fields)Protect Yourself and Loved Ones from Harmful Radiation Exposure – Shop Now. Leading Supplier of Electromagnetic Radiation Protection Devices, Shields & Jewelry. Home and Office. Cell Phone EMF Protection.

Electromagnetic Fields

Electromagnetic radiation has the ability to penetrate the body and enter the brain. In spite of the fact that this type of radiation is associated with the use of gadgets like cell phones, tablets and other electronic devices, it is nevertheless one of the most dangerous forms of radiation exposure. Below are some of the sources of radiation: Electromagnetic waves originating from the space. Electric and magnetic fields produced by power lines and transformers. Radio and television frequencies. Military weapons. Ultraviolet radiation from the sun. Magnetic fields from industrial processes. This may be one of the most dangerous forms of radiation.

Radiation Protection

The Physiology of Electromagnetic Radiation Protection Measurement & Evaluation of RF Radiation ACS Fellow Dr. Emily Puccinelli notes, “it’s not just electromagnetic radiation we have to be worried about; the chemical effects of the radiation are as well.

What to do to avoid radiation

If you have any fear of electromagnetic fields, then you should know about the beneficial effects of wearing EMF protection clothing. Opt for clothes that have been woven or knitted using wool or cotton, not with synthetic fibers. Exposure to high EMF field also leads to long-term tissue damage in animals. What about ionizing radiation? There is another type of radiation that is linked to cancer and can be categorized as an ionizing radiation. Ionizing radiation makes energy when it penetrates the tissue. This type of radiation is seen in sources like x-rays, gamma rays and ultraviolet (UV) rays. This type of radiation travels through the air and in magnetic fields.


As can be seen in this short introduction to electromagnetic radiation (EMR), it is a growing problem worldwide. The impact of this issue is immense, both in terms of lost productivity and human health. Research and events supporting these effects on human health and productivity is growing as well, as highlighted by the 18th International Symposium on Electromagnetic Radiation on August 26, 2014. And as we all know, we cannot ignore facts and growing evidence on how EMR can adversely impact our health and productivity. Fortunately, it’s still possible to avoid these adverse health effects. It just takes some personal responsibility and staying informed.

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