The Tech That Changed Your Life: What Technology Means for Your Daily Life

The Tech That Changed Your Life: What Technology Means for Your Daily Life

The Tech That Changed Your Life: What Technology Means for Your Daily Life Technology has altered our world and daily lives over the years. Furthermore, technology has developed incredible tools and services for the elderly.

How technology has changed your life

It is the number one question that senior living executives and staff ask. Many senior living residents have full-time jobs or are involved in extracurricular activities like service clubs and activities. Loneliness, isolation and falling are the biggest challenges for seniors. Thankfully, some companies are offering social media platforms for seniors in their retirement communities and even hosting telehealth chat platforms. Technology is changing the world. When first introduced, most seniors had never heard of the Internet. It was expensive and not many people owned computers or laptops. The technology that is changing the world right now is Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), with its benefits including reliable, inexpensive and effective calling.

How has technology altered our way of life?

According to CBS, the average baby boomer spends almost 10 hours per day connected to a device. This means that by the time they hit their 60s, they have 10,000 to 40,000 hours of digital content. But what has changed this? Technology has brought and continues to bring innovation and changes in every aspect of our lives. Many thanks to The big technological advances that have taken place over the last 50 years include the creation of pen computing, the introduction of digital cameras, and the development of a digital computer (called ENIAC). Digital cameras have now become a must-have piece of any baby boomer’s daily life. They allow them to capture and remember everyday moments with family and friends.

The Tech That Changed Your Life: What Technology Means for Your Daily Life

How has technology altered the way we work?

All of these technologies allow us to work from anyplace in the world. The problem is, many of them are still not accessible to the senior community. We often hear stories about access to Microsoft Office, email, VPNs, and more. With the pace of technology advancing, many seniors don’t even have the time to learn how to use these devices, and instead rely on others or public computers to stay connected and productive. Exercise: Workout Anytime, Anywhere In a world where we sit down or stay at a desk the majority of the time, the technology that allows us to take breaks is also one that we often struggle to find. That is why we created SLATE, the portable, power-efficient fitness desk to help you stay on top of your health and fitness.

What impact has technology had on the way we communicate?

Advances in mobile technologies, specifically with smartphones, have made it easier for us to stay connected. People ages 65+ now spend, on average, about 20 hours each week on social media and on mobile apps. It’s no wonder why this age demographic loves their smartphones. The rise of smart home technologies Home automation systems have been around for a while, but the technology and products available now allow you to control almost every aspect of your home. Not only that, smart home technology is making life easier for those with mobility issues, as it enables them to use technology more easily and to live more independently. Seniors who own their home are more likely to be engaged with their family members and friends, and to stay physically active.

The Tech That Changed Your Life: What Technology Means for Your Daily Life

What impact has technology had on the way we learn?

Social media Technology provides the public with several opportunities for education, including the ability to read about current events, current events based on time, and events based on topics, such as the Boston Marathon bombing, Hurricane Sandy, and a wide range of events around the world. However, how do we consume news when most of it is in another language or from an entirely different source, which we don’t understand? In order to access news through technology, our first solution is through English-language newspapers that deliver current and past events through an online portal.


There are so many reasons why technology for seniors is a worthwhile topic to study, from creating a more interactive relationship between generations, to bettering health and well-being. The sheer number of new devices and programs that are launched every year has pushed technology forward, opening doors for wonderful things to come. Hopefully, technology will continue to evolve over the next century and beyond. One thing is certain, however; the technology that changed your life or has impacted the elderly population can not be unseen. In its modern iteration, the technology we use now is at least a step forward. In the coming years, new technologies will be added, creating a far more sophisticated world.

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