South State Bank Online Services

South State Bank Online Services

South State Bank: Online Banking, Credit Cards, Loans, Investments.

(South State Bank Online Services)Real Rewards: You will earn net 1.5 purchase Reward Points (“Points”) for each dollar of eligible Net Purchases made with your Account within a billing cycle

Annual Fee

The Annual Fee is $2.00 per Checking Account or $8.00 per Credit Card account. You may not be charged the Annual Fee if you have an active zero-balance checking or savings account, have been a Sutter customer for more than 90 days, or have outstanding revolving charges within the last 12 months or have no open balance. Fees, charges, and limitations apply to additional authorized ATM, Checking, and Credit Card accounts. Standard Fees If you pay by Check, Direct Deposit or MATCH, you will be charged a $35.00 early withdrawal fee for each deposit if the deposit is less than or equal to $200.00; and a $30.00 early withdrawal fee for each deposit if the deposit is greater than $200.00.

Rewards Points

Branch Rewards: You will earn 1% cashback for all Net Purchase Banking Transactions with Bank, 1% cashback for Cash Advance Loans, and 1.25% cashback for Deposits Rewards Points Reward Points Rebate on online transactions deposited into your account as a net positive transaction (e.g. Net Purchase Reward Points) 0 Yes $5 $25 $50 $75 $100 $150 $200 $250 $500 $750 Yes Bankcard Rewards Points You will earn 1% Cash Back for all purchases made with your BankCard Account and 1.25% cash back on cash advances and deposit advances.

South State Bank Online Services

Mobile Banking

Get Cashback Rewards Every Day: Earn one percent Rewards Points for every dollar spent on eligible purchases from the South State Bank Mobile App when you sign in or create an account using your South State Bank Online Banking. Learn More. Start Engaged. Earn Rewards. Discover, Plan, Save * A deposit of up to $10,000 in one fiscal year is exempt from an FDIC insurance premium. Certain restrictions apply. Visit for additional information about deposit insurance.

Loan Products

Interest rates apply to Purchases made by you on or after February 13, 2019. You can also receive fixed rates on Credit Card loans when you have a linked checking or savings account. This credit card offers the following: • A fixed rate of 15.99% (with no annual percentage rate charged) for one year (May 2018 – May 2019), 19.99% (with no annual percentage rate charged) for the following year (May 2020 – May 2021), and 22.99% (with no annual percentage rate charged) for the following year (May 2022 – May 2023) • Pay $100 or more for free with APR of 20.99% or less for the introductory period. • Rebate of 1.5% APR on all loans with APR greater than 20.

Investment Products

Every dollar spent on purchases at South State Bank generates a Net Purchase Purchase Charge (“Consumption Charge”) by us (the Bank) that is applied to your Account in the same manner as a credit card transaction. The Purchase Charge applied to your Account is determined by the card issuer, but you will not be charged any additional fees or interest for the Consumption Charge. Your Account may have different purchase charges depending on the cards you have in your possession. No debit transactions are allowed in your Account, so you will not see any discount for purchases that occur with a debit card. Gift Cards All South State Bank Gift Cards are issued and governed by the gift card issuer (the “Card Provider”).


For instance, you can start earning rewards just by enrolling in the “A-List” Rewards Program by redeeming a qualifying spend or qualifying Referral (wherever possible) and by using the promo code “BKMNT5”. You will earn points each time you redeem a Referral or participate in one of our promotions, and you can start earning Rewards in a single day: First Cash ATM Reward – the most successful Rewards Program ever launched in the industry. At First Cash Bank, we’re proud to offer consumers the most comprehensive rewards program in the industry. Now with the release of our new All-In Rewards program, every First Cash customer has the opportunity to earn points and redeem rewards in several ways.

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