Online Services Neovia Logistics

Online Services Neovia Logistics

New E-Commerce Services: Neovia Logistics

Neovia Logistics Services. Latest Whitepaper… feeling the strains that the astonishing growth of e-commerce has placed on operations, a summary of statistics. Online Services Neovia Logistics 


E-Commerce & Logistics: the perfect storm Growing E-Commerce Services – about 164.9% from 2007 to 2018 Email and Mobile: Ongoing changes, prices & marketing (LTP) Technical Education Service Organization Assessment in the Enterprise Neovia Logistics Services. New team, new offerings & special new e-commerce services Neovia Logistics Services.

Why is e-commerce growing?

The fundamentals of what makes e-commerce a global success are clear: Brick and mortar sales are falling Global consumer spending is growing faster than ever Vast improvements in mobile devices have made it easier to buy There are few goods which are not now available for delivery to a recipient anywhere in the world On the consumer side, the main growth areas are: Online purchase of consumer products such as books, clothing, shoes, and toys For goods which are not readily available to the buyer, e-commerce is growing in importance TIP: How Do I Choose an E-Commerce Solution? E-Commerce has become an integral part of the overall retail landscape. Read “How Do I Choose an E-Commerce Solution?” To help track down the correct internet business answer for your business.

Online Services Neovia Logistics 

What are the challenges of e-commerce?

As the world economy evolves, so must e-commerce. The nature of business has changed. The power of the Internet and the development of the e-commerce platform have allowed consumers to shop from the comfort of their own home, whenever they want, from almost anywhere in the world. The challenge is delivering a flexible, scalable, secure service and offers fast and reliable delivery. Who are the players in the e-commerce market? Currently, Alibaba dominates the e-commerce market. The Beijing e-commerce giant has invested heavily in brick-and-mortar shopping. He has proved to be very successful, especially in less developed markets such as Africa, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. However, Alibaba has also faced challenges in Southeast Asia and China.

What does this mean for logistics?

According to the report, the digital economy has exploded in the last ten years, with over $4 trillion spent online last year in the US alone. From 2016 to 2020, nearly 70% of all e-commerce will be concentrated in four markets: China, India, Indonesia, and the US. At the same time, one in four people will be buying more goods from online retailers than they do from traditional offline sellers. “What does this mean for logistics?” said Deborjan Das, CEO, Neovia Logistics. “The conventional coordinations model dependent on time-reliant, fixed infrastructure is not ready for this. It is virtually impossible to go back to a delivery hub system, which was standard until recently. Also, logistics infrastructure is only growing, not shrinking.

Neovia Logistics Services

The question of moving freight is always tricky. How do you cope with the competitive pricing that forces businesses to be efficient and productive? How do you hire and retain staff to meet ever-growing demands? How do you reach out to customers who must rely on customers who must depend on carriers? However, this is the status quo for an increasing number of businesses, and it only gets more complicated as e-commerce services become more accessible. The future of freight logistics in the era of the Internet is at stake.


Permits are the first port of call for many considering the technological readiness of their e-commerce business. Finding a reliable, competent, and flexible platform for creating and managing such permits may be difficult, especially if this is not your first foray into e-commerce. Based on the recommendations in the Whitepaper, we are confident that Neovia Logistics Services is an exemplary e-commerce service provider. The market leader in the supply chain management industry, Neovia has been providing e-commerce services since 2002. The company’s diverse and extensive experience in handling massive online transactions has helped it gain its position. It has acquired a reputation for offering an unrivalled range of services.

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