New James Bond to ‘serve the King and the Nation’ after Queen Elizabeth II’s death; Manufacturers vow to keep 007 ‘fresh’ | english film news



next James Bond Long-standing producer Barbara Broccoli said Wednesday that King and Country will serve — but discussions with new 007 Studios owner Amazon over the future direction of the spy film franchise haven’t really begun.

Moments after their hands were immortalized in cement at Hollywood’s famed TCL Chinese Theater, Broccoli and his half-brother Michael G. Wilson sat down with AFP to talk about the future of the 25-film franchise.

The last Bond outing, 2021’s “No Time to Die”, was the final installment to star Daniel Craig, and Amazon has since bought 007 Studio MGM. This means speculation is rife about what changes could be in store for the world’s most famous fictional detective.

“We’re just beginning our relationship with Amazon. We haven’t really started getting into the next Bond film,” Broccoli said.

As patron of the franchise his father Albert “QB” Broccoli founded 60 years ago, “we’re not always going to rest on our laurels and have a formula one,” she said.

At the center of the rumors and speculations swirling around the next 007 outing is the matter of who will play the superspy with the license to kill.

Craig was initially a controversial choice, especially for his blond hair and rugged appearance, but five of his 007 films broke box office records, with 2012’s “Skyfall” surpassing $1 billion worldwide. .

Fans have suggested that the next Bond could be the first non-white actor in the role, while Broccoli has claimed that Bond could be a female in the future.

She told AFP there are “certain formulas” that will always remain in place.

“The central character of James Bond is the most important element of these films, and we believe he is indestructible, he works for Queen And now the king and the country,” he said.

“He’s not in it for his own personal gain. He’s trying to keep the world a safe place in it. So I think it’s something we definitely won’t change.”

– ‘Shocked’ – but Broccoli said his father “always tried to give us the confidence to take risks so Bond could change over the years.”

She said: “We like to change it up, and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t — but it keeps it fresh.”

The Broccoli family company Eon has immense creative control over the Bond film franchise, which is originally based on the novels by Ian Fleming.

Barbara and her half-brother Michael have presided over films since “GoldenEye,” released in 1995, a year before their father’s death.

As part of a complicated deal, Eon split the profits with historic studio MGM, which had the rights to finance and distribute 007 films.

But the studio was bought by Amazon for $8.5 billion in a deal that closed in March, and it emerged weeks later that MGM’s film leadership would leave.

In another sign of changing times, Amazon’s Prime Video will release an eight-part series titled “007’s Road to a Million,” the Bond-themed reality-TV competition series.

Wilson told AFP it was important for Bond films to keep pace with the ever-changing challenges facing the world.

“What’s going to worry the world two or three years from now? How do we stay current?” They said.

“But so far it’s worked out great. You can’t be afraid of change… You have to embrace it, and you can’t do the same thing over and over. You have to change it a little bit.

“The audience has a certain expectation. But they also want to be surprised. So it’s all part of the effort.”


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