Marquette in the conference semifinals of the 2023 NBA Playoffs

Marquette in the conference semifinals of the 2023 NBA Playoffs

Marquette in the conference semifinals of the 2023 NBA Playoffs
Who is prepared for the NBA Playoffs’ second round?

Do you actually refer to them as “Conference Semifinals” as the NBA likes to insist, or do you just use the term “Second Round” when speaking to friends and/or foes? If you have strong feelings about this, let us know in the comments.

In this round of the playoffs, there are three ex-Marquette players worth watching, even though only one of them will be on the court. Let’s begin straight away!

Miami Heat’s Jimmy Butler and Jamal Cain

Well, we made the decision to pull out of the Milwaukee/Miami series in the first round knowing that we would lose two former Marquette players. Did anyone anticipate Butler and Cain to be the ones advancing? Maybe, maybe not, but I believe it is safe to say that nobody anticipated the series to be decided in only five games.

It being one of the causes the Heat won 4-1? In the series, Jimmy Butler averaged 37.6 points, 6.0 rebounds, 3.8 assists, and 1.8 steals while shooting 44% from beyond the arc. That’ll do it, especially since Tyler Herro fractured his hand and had to leave early. Jimmy’s “worst” game of the series was Miami’s defeat, in which he recorded a final score of 25/3/3/2. If Butler needs to perform better than that to ensure the Heat wins, I’m not sure if Miami can win another series, but I’m definitely interested to see if he can keep putting up performances that are better than that.

Jamal Cain doesn’t represent the Heat, to be clear. He’s on a two-way contract, and those players aren’t allowed on the playoff roster, so that’s against NBA rules. He is a member of the team, and you may have seen him encouraging the group from the bench during the team’s game versus Milwaukee. I have no idea where his career will go from here, but man, he must be having an amazing time.

In the conference semifinals, Miami will play the New York Knicks, and since Miami is the #8 seed and the Knicks are the #5 seed, New York is unquestionably the favorite to win. The Knicks arrived here thanks to a first-round 4-1 series victory over #4 seed Cleveland. The first two games were divided between the two teams in Ohio, with the Knicks taking an early 1-0 lead. After that, it was a gentleman’s sweep.

There were clutch guys who blew it, non-shooters who shot well, and sluggish defenders who hustled. Perhaps they felt this way because the NBA bubble represented a parallel reality. With 5 seconds remaining, Houston took a one-point lead on the decisive play. Lu Dort, who isn’t exactly known for his shooting prowess, was lining up a shot. Harden, who isn’t exactly known for being the most fervent defender, was coming at him full speed. Let’s go back a step. Clara Morris (writer/producer) Ryan Simmons directed and edited the film. Join us: Visit the Top-Secret Underground Facility: To keep up with us, visit If you’re on Twitch, you may follow us at If you use Tiktok, please follow us at Watch all of our available videos here: Watch the following playlists: Visit SB Nation at to learn more.

Jalen Brunson, an old friend of ours, has emerged as New York’s playoffs-leading scorer (24.0 ppg) and facilitator (4.8 apg) for the Knicks. Three players, including Brunson’s buddy Josh Hart, average between 11 and 18 points per game. At nearly 10 per game, Mitchell Robinson is New York’s leading rebounder.

  • First pitch is set at 12pm CST on Sunday, April 30. ABC
  • Tuesday, May 2nd, 6:30pm Central on TNT for Game 2
  • The third game will be played on May 6 at 2:30 p.m. ABC
  • Monday, May 8th, 6:30pm Central on TNT for Game 4
  • Fifth and final game*: May 10 (day of)
  • Friday, May 12th, *Game 6
  • Monday, May 15th, 7pm Central Time for Game 7*

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