Indian Army plans to use 5G to boost communication of frontline soldiers. India News



New Delhi: Indian Army Defense establishment sources on Saturday said it is planning to use 5G services to boost communication services of frontline troops, which would be essential in a strategic war zone.
army He said that when a joint services study was conducted recently on the implementation of 5G in the armed forces, it was the flagship service.
The study has been completed and its recommendations are being studied by the three services – the Army. NavyAir Force, he noted.
He said the Indian Army will use 5G to support operations in the strategic battlefield.
He said the high bandwidth and low latency of 5G make it better suited for critical communication services for frontline soldiers.
On August 1, India’s biggest ever auction of telecom spectrum – 5G – received a record Rs 1.5 trillion of bids, including Mukesh AmbaniJio owns nearly half of all the airwaves sold with a bid of Rs 88,078 crore.


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