How To Use Your Computer Without Losing Your Mind

How To Use Your Computer Without Losing Your Mind

How To Use Your Computer Without Losing Your Mind How can you WFH without going insane? Here’s how to work from home and not go insane. Begin your workday with a bang… Maintain your usual routine… Do not—I repeat—do not—do not—do not—do not—do not—do not—do not—do not—do not—do not—do not Become accustomed to working from any location. Work in a variety of places. Allow yourself to relax… Recognize when it’s time to put your work away.

Start your workday off right

Every successful freelancer starts their day with a high-intensity workout, sets a rigid routine, and gets enough sleep. If you want to work from home, be sure to follow these tips to get the best of both worlds. Set aside blocks of time at the beginning of each day and stick to it. Start by doing your daily stretching routine and making your bed, but don’t stop there. Remember, working from home will put you back in touch with your normal routines, and these are just as important. Work from your living room couch? Do your hair and makeup in the bathroom before your work session begins. This will help make your time at home productive, efficient, and stress-free. Of course, it’s also important to take time to unwind and relax each night.

Stick to your routine

If you’re a reliable, organized person, you should set aside a certain amount of time each day to get things done. When you know what you’re going to do, you’re more likely to do it. Keeping a regular schedule, even if it’s flexible, is always the best way to do things. Do not work with Netflix on I know: Netflix is amazing, and if you can’t get through your day without scrolling through your favorite shows, that’s wonderful. But the danger is that when your internet is down or the office is closed, Netflix will still be up and you’ll be tempted to watch even more Netflix. When that happens, I recommend putting up a Mac full of water and running it for 10 minutes on a power source. (Don’t run it off batteries—the batteries will become dangerously hot.

How To Use Your Computer Without Losing Your Mind

Do not work with Netflix

Did you know you can mute Netflix on your computer? And if you have a Netflix app installed on your iPhone or Android, you can also prevent Netflix from automatically launching by opening the App store and installing one of the many apps which offer similar functions. I know this may not be ideal if you’re in the middle of watching something, but you could also do the following: Replace Netflix with a podcast: Whether you use Audible or your local public radio station, podcasts have tons of great stories and captivating personalities. Chances are you also have some of your favorite podcasts that you do listen to regularly. Just make sure you make the jump to listen to them offline by installing the latest version of the Podcasts app and searching for the podcast you want to listen to.

Get comfortable with working anywhere

This is the most important thing for me. Even if you’re working in an office, working from home means there’s no “waiting for others to be done with work,” or maybe you just can’t or don’t want to stay up late at night. Now I’m not a full-time Luddite who only uses email and a phone, but even if you’re a self-employed freelancer who works from home, I’m learning this lesson now that I’m self-employed. A few months ago, I had a co-worker who needed a design for their ads on Reddit. I wanted to pay them for the design, so I gave him a quote, sent it to them via email, and then went to work on something else while they finalized the design.

Mix up where you work

Working from home has many pros and cons, but one of the perks is the freedom to choose your own work environment. In addition to sitting on the couch or at the desk in your bedroom, you can work in your bathrobe if you want, or at the coffee shop if you want. Most of the time, when I sit down to work, I make sure that I don’t sit in my office chair, because I sit at my desk for the majority of my workday and I think it gets too comfortable for me and I get distracted. To be honest, I’m a little scared of sitting at my desk chair for too long, because the room is always too warm, and I often forget to take breaks. That said, I do sit in my office chair once in a while because there are too many distractions in my office to focus on the task at hand, I try not to do that all of the time, though.

How To Use Your Computer Without Losing Your Mind

Take breaks

You wouldn’t spend 8 hours a day on your computer, so why start your day off with work? Take breaks when you need to. Set time limits on how long you can work before you need to take a break. Start a timer on your phone. Some people get distracted by phone calls, texts, email, etc. Try to avoid these distractions at work by focusing on what you’re doing and disconnecting when you need to. Get comfortable with working anywhere You’re not going to get work done when you’re in a cafe. So don’t do it. In fact, make sure you’re not in a cafe—at least not on your computer. I have a friend who works at home, and she doesn’t have a traditional office, and she’s fine with that. She just has a couch in the living room, some shelves and chairs, and that’s good enough.

Know when to put work away

Feeling especially creative today? Go for a walk around the block. Seeing as how you work remotely, it’s natural to have that odd-even strange—feeling when you’re away from your usual workspace. What do you do when you’re feeling frayed? Is there any way to work from home that’s less distracting and more productive? These five rules can help. Never let a single ding interrupt your flow. Do not reply to every email that comes in while you’re away from your desk, even if you have to pick it up from the middle. Delegate tasks to colleagues or trusted partners and tell them when to expect your return. A well-ordered system will reduce email (and potential distractions) by 50% and increase your productivity by a surprising 70%.

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