Digital Printed Stand Up Pouches India

Digital Printed Stand Up Pouches India

 Best Digital Printed Stand up Pouches India

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Stand-up pouches are plastic trays used to protect the items being shipped inside a package. An important feature of stand-up pouches is the top flap which shields the package from contamination. Most commonly found in packaging applications, these pouches are now also finding their place in residential areas to protect electronic items during transport. Stand-up pouches are used widely to protect books, home appliances, electronics, toys, and more from insects and rodents. One can come across stands-up pouches with many unique designs and colours, such as orange, green, red, etc. Each of these pouches has a plastic top which provides protection for the electronic goods and keeps the goods intact during transit.

What is a Stand Up Pouch?

Stand-up pouches are made up of a pouch that is created with plastic. The pouch is designed to accommodate a single or multiple smaller products. It has a good handle on it, which makes it easy to carry the pouch when out and about. These pouches also have a crosshatched texture to the pouches. These stand-up pouches are lightweight and very convenient to carry as well as easy to fit around things. The print of the pouch usually reflects the product that the pouch is going to carry. On looking at these pouches, one would never think that they are printed using digital technology. This is the only reason why they are called Stand up pouches. There are many companies in India that have started their businesses by producing Stand up pouches.

The Advantages of Stand Up Pouches

Stand Up Pouches are one of the most efficient ways to pack items in a small space. They are high in volume and are easy to fit into vehicles and cargo holds. Their low volume size makes them an ideal choice for keeping larger, fragile items such as books and clothing that are not easy to fit into another packaging. Inexpensive as well as compact for bulky items, they offer a more reliable way to maintain a very light, portable storage solution. At the same time, they are secure, there is no chance of liquids getting out of these pouches. They are designed to keep contents dry and also contain airtight pouches which makes it difficult for liquids to get out of the pouch if it is punctured.

Types of Stand Up Pouches

Fact File on Stand Up Pouch Stand Up Pouches is made from various types of materials which are waterproof, with and without closures, able to hold a wide variety of liquid or solid products like film, soft drinks, water, tea, soft drinks, shampoo, soap, medicines, paper towel, etc. Stand Up Pouches are mostly made from polyethylene, flexible PVC, and FLEX PVC. Stand Up Pouch has evolved as a relatively simple but advanced form of packaging. It is a reusable or disposable, lined container that separates from the packaging to allow easy storage or easy separation into desired portions, and recyclable. Stand Up Pouch Case Study Domus Packagings Ltd. (Dolt) – Best Stand Up Pouches Company in India Domus is a leading brand in the flexible packaging industry.

The Printing Process

Plaster is applied to a bottle, then covered with the inner and outer wall of the bottle. The plaster is changed every two months. The bottles are placed on heating tables for some time and then baked in an oven. The artwork is then removed from the bottles. Varieties of Digital Printed Stand Up Pouches in India Digital print on bottles, pouches, tabletops, boxes, writing pads, calendars, labels, etc. No limitations. Add colours to that too. Black and white printing is not the only thing digital printers do. They do everything. Digital printing enables customers to save money as they save printing charges. Having said that, the process is expensive, not cheap. So the cost of digital printing goes up.


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