China confirms threat of military force to capture Taiwan



BEIJING: China on Wednesday reaffirmed its threat to use military force to bring Taiwan under its control. Chinese military exercises Which has raised tensions between the two sides to the highest level in years.
The statement released by the cabinet’s Taiwan Affairs Office and its news department comes nearly a week after the missile firing and incursion Taiwanese waters and airspace By chinese warship and Air Force aircraft.
The action has disrupted flights and shipping in a region critical to global supply chains, drawing strong condemnation from the US, Japan and others.
The Chinese statement said Beijing seeks “peaceful integration” with Taiwan, but “does not pledge to abandon the use of military force and retains all necessary options.”
In an additional response, China said it was cutting off talks with the US, Taiwan’s major military and political backer, on issues ranging from maritime security to climate change.
China says threatening moves were inspired by US House speaker’s visit to Taiwan last week Nancy PelosicBut Taiwan says such visits are routine and China only used it as an excuse to escalate its threats.
Taiwan’s foreign minister warned on Tuesday that Chinese military exercises reflect ambitions to control large areas of the western Pacific, while Taipei conducted its own exercises to underline its readiness to defend itself.
Beijing’s strategy would include controlling the East and South China seas through taiwan strait And imposing a blockade to prevent the US and its allies from assisting Taiwan in the event of an attack, Joseph Wu said at a news conference in Taipei.
Beijing has extended the ongoing exercises without announcing when they will end.
Taiwan split with the mainland in 1949 amid civil war and the island’s 23 million people strongly oppose political integration with China, while preferring to maintain close economic ties and the status quo of de facto independence.
Through its maneuvers, China has pushed closer to Taiwan’s borders And maybe trying to establish a new normal in which he can eventually control access to the island’s ports and airspace.
The US, Taipei’s main supporter, has also shown itself ready to face China’s threats. Washington has no formal diplomatic ties with Taiwan, out of respect for Beijing, but is legally obliged to ensure that the island can defend itself and treats all threats against it as a matter of grave concern.
This leaves open the question of whether Washington would send troops if China attacked Taiwan. US President Joe Biden has said repeatedly that the US is obliged to do so – but staff members have quickly retracted those comments.
Beyond geopolitical risks, an extended crisis in the Taiwan Strait – a vital route for global trade – could have major implications for international supply chains at a time when the world is already facing disruption and uncertainty in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic and war. is facing. in Ukraine.
In particular, Taiwan is an important provider of computer chips to the global economy, including China’s high-tech sectors.
In response to the exercise, Taiwan has put its forces on alert, but has so far refrained from taking proactive counter measures.
On Tuesday, its military conducted live-fire artillery exercises in Pingtung County, on its southeastern coast.


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