Cas Computing Scale

Cas Computing Scale

Cas Computing Scale, The Cas Computing Scale, is a scale built to work seamlessly with other scales Cas has on the market. The Cas Computing Scale can be used in two modes. The first mode is for a quick weigh-in. The scale will weigh the user and give them their weight. This model is

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What is CAS Computing Scale

The Weight Indicator provides an accurate weighing of 1kg, 2kg, and 3kg and an accuracy of 0.3 gram in the scales for “Proportionate” weighing. The computerized Weight Indicator is operated through a software program and incorporates automatic load balancing and advanced maintenance. As for the function of the Weight Indicator, it can measure exact weight on a provided ruler. To operate this feature, the user must press the button for the respective weight before the display shows the weight in a single number. Designed and developed using a specialized AI algorithm, CAS automatically calculates the weight of the user’s items from the weight of the ruler alone.

How does the CAS Computing Scale work

According to the company: “It is easy to use, precise and does not make much noise.” The scale can measure users of up to 20kgs in weight. It does not require any power and is powered by batteries charged by a USB charger included in the package. The scale includes a small LCD screen that shows users the weight in kilos. A row of indicator lights gives users visual feedback on the accuracy of the measurement. Benefits of using  Computing Scale The accuracy of the  Computing Scale is highly influenced by the brand of used batteries. It can measure up to 0.02% of the user’s weight. Therefore, if the accuracy goes beyond 0.02%, the users do not have to worry about it. The scale also does not require any power.


The Computing Scale can weigh up to 30 Kg. The scales weigh from 0 to 180 Kg with continuous functionality. The scale can also differentiate between the weight of the user and the objects they are weighing. The scale is equipped with stainless steel mounting parts, and a stainless steel stand with two rubber feet that make the calibration process easier. It has a 30-year life span, in which it will continue to work efficiently without any breakdown. Here are some more Cas Computing Scale features that you need to know about: It has a finger-size mount with a 0.5mm tip. A 3-digit hand dial allows the user to calibrate the scale easily. It has an accuracy of plus-or-minus 0.3%. The CITI calibration mode is also included.


Highest Resolution Digital Display to weigh products easily with a minimum of errors Multitools, USB Scales and other accessories such as Barometer, Geiger Counter and Water Extraction Available Complete Set of accessories (Included) Get a whole pack to make your buying experience more comfortable. Precise, Accurate Measurement The Cas Computing Scale incorporates the highest resolution digital display to weigh products easily with a minimum of errors. The product’s weight can be quickly displayed can quickly display the weight of the product on display with a minimum of error. Which is the most affordable computing scale online? This is one of the most affordable scales to make buying a Cas Computer Sofa easier and effective.


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