10 Useful Tools And Services That Will Improve Your Online Life

10 Useful Tools And Services That Will Improve Your Online Life

That’s why we’ve put together this list of the best productivity tools to help keep you on top of every aspect of your life.

How to Stay Organized

Using Calendars to Schedule Your Time It might seem like a small thing, but the organization is what will set you apart from the rest of the people in the room. For example, if you’re organizing a meeting, do you want it at the beginning of the day, mid-day, or later in the evening? Being able to plan out your workday by the hour or the day will ensure that you don’t miss something. Being Flexible With Time Management For some, working with strict time management is difficult, but we’re here to tell you it’s necessary. Whether you’re a business owner or a freelance contributor, you need to be able to adjust to your clients’ needs. So, if you have to be at your desk for a certain time every day, take that into account.

How to Stay Productive

Get better email management. Almost everyone is familiar with Microsoft Outlook, but there are plenty of other alternatives that make managing email easier than ever. Outlook is pretty good, but try Google’s Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, and AIMee. You don’t need to use all of them, but it’s nice to have options. (For an even more in-depth overview of email productivity tools, take a look at our recent piece, “How to Manage Your Email.”) Get better time management. Everybody gets distracted, but not everybody knows how to stay on task. However, with the right tools, you can make your life easier and boost your productivity to superhuman levels. For instance, we recommend you check out Trello for project management, Asana for task management, and Todoist for to-do lists. Get a better search.

10 Useful Tools And Services That Will Improve Your Online Life

How to Manage Your Time

Businesses often look at time management in the workplace as a waste of time. It’s easy to see why. You’re paid for your output. If you spend half your day trying to make up for an hour where you failed to perform to your best, that’s a waste of money. But we’re starting to realize that creativity can only be developed if you have the time to try out ideas. If you know that you have to spend half the day ironing out a problem, you don’t have the time to make a fantastic poster design. And the same is true for other aspects of our lives, such as time spent studying or just relaxing. Let’s look at a few of the best productivity tools to help manage your time effectively. What is the focus? Focus is a task management app that puts you in control of your workflow.

How to Stay Healthy

Health is probably the most important aspect of your online experience and one that’s difficult to quantify without the help of an expert. When it comes to health, it’s so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day of life that you forget to stop and appreciate the people and things in your life. That’s why a few minutes every day, or week, will help keep you healthy, be more productive, and on top of everything. Here are our picks for the top health and wellness tools and services. Eufy Genie The Eufy Genie is a smart speaker that’s powered by Alexa. The Eufy Genie is a smart speaker that’s powered by Alexa. Amazon’s Eufy brand is making a name for itself in the smart speaker category with products like the upcoming iRobot Roomba 690.

How to Stay Social

So you can make those important updates and discussions on Twitter happen. You could also have all of those conversations on one of the following apps that allow you to find friends, relatives, or colleagues near you with who you might want to chat. Google Hangouts Android Available on: Google Play Google Hangouts is an easy-to-use and flexible app for those who prefer to communicate via video calls. You can see all of your contacts’ current status, can send quick messages via the “Laughing” button, or keep the camera facing you to allow for more personal photos and videos. There are two versions of the app available: Android and iOS. If you’re on the Apple platform, your account will be registered to an Apple ID, which means you’ll need to register an iCloud account.


Sure, we’ve all watched YouTube videos and checked out Reddit, but we didn’t set out to go there. We’ve also found that the best thing you can do to enhance your online experience is to improve your productivity. By using tools that will help you find information faster and accomplish your work faster, you can achieve more in less time. Don’t ignore the online revolution that’s taking place around you. Take the time to take advantage of the benefits it offers.

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